With commitment to deeply transformative practices for freedom, Opal finds solace and guidance from her spiritual life. A believer and practitioner of liberation theology, Opal sees faith and justice as intertwined and inseparable. As a woman of faith she believes we are all called to live well, and live in to our highest most dignified selves. She often lf reflects, speaks and writes intimately about how her spirituality informs her life and human rights work. In her own word, “justice is a spiritual practice.” 

Opal believes that one’s spiritual practice and aspirations for dignity and self actualization is what a rich faith life is about and that it must be further sharpened by engaging in deliberate action for social justice and human rights. In the journey of what it means to live well with this land together, Opal believes that there is true opportunity to expand our spiritual capacity and awaken to a more abundant life. For more about her thoughts on spirituality and justice please join her e-mailing list and look out for more soon.